Paul Mitchell's NEW Neuro Line


Ya girl has had the amazing opportunity to become a #PMInsider with Paul Mitchell! When I tell you I’m still in shook, I am SHOOK! 😳

I was chosen as 1 of 20 people total to try out the new Neuro Liquid Line.

I’ve been using the product for about one and a half weeks and I’m really liking it!
The purpose of this line is to be able to turn up the heat, as in your hot tools and not compromise your hair. It lives up to its purpose, along with smelling amazing!

What I love about the products is that they 100% protect your hair without weighing it down, getting greasy or feeling stiff. Once I’ve washed and styled, my hair will stay for days with only having to do minor touch ups. It makes your hard work worth it!

Below is a quick tutorial with a step by step of how I used the products!

Voluminous Hair with Paul Mitchell's NEW Neuro Liquid Line

How how I achieved my hair! 👇🏽

Step 1: Shampoo with “Lather” & condition with “Rinse
Step 2: Towel dry your hair and prep for your blow out with “Prime” blow out primer apply mid shaft to ends. Next, apply “Lift” (mousse consistency) for volume at the roots.
Step 3: Blow dry your hair until 75% of it’s dry, section and continue blow out with round brush.
Step 4: Section hair and take 1.5 to 2 inch sections and spray “Protect” heat protectant before curling. 
Step 5: Spray your curls with “Finish” control hair spray shake out your curls, part your hair on the side of your choice, spray a little more “Finish” for some root volume and whaalahhh, You’re finished!

See my video tutorial here!

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